Interview with Nancy Jefferson

It's election night, the primary, the primary election night and the results have come in and you realize that Harold has won, how did you feel?


Oh, it was the greatest moment of our life. Because I know that, I know that how hard we had worked to sit down, the conditions by who we, who we wanted, you know, what we wanted and then decided on who we wanted to carry out our conditions. And, and, and, and he understood it. He only, he understood so thoroughly that he was an instrument to carry out what the people had set forth. And everybody got it. Everybody got it. The welfare people because the POWER group and their vote counted, you know. And, and, and they understood that when he won that primary, my vote really did count, you know. And we, and it was just like, we danced in the street. We danced in the street. We, absolutely, it was the greatest feeling we ever had in life. It just, everybody felt empowered, you know, whatever it was, whether it was the welfare, whether it was me with the, as the leadership of the West Side, it was, everybody was empowered** at last to do what we wanted to do, personally and, and our personal agendas came together as a collective force.