Interview with Nancy Jefferson

So what did you people want from the mayor?


We, our platform said, you know, we just had a plumb line that we drawed and that platform said that we wanted a, a mayor that would look at this city, that would say, it could not be bought and sold to the highest bidder, that it had, that it must be fair government, fairness in government because when we looked at what had happened that made us protest the way the, the people were intimidated in CHA by the politicians, that wasn't right. And we wanted a, a mayor that un--that knew that that wasn't right. And that he would carry out the kind of a policy that destroyed that. We talked about how do you really reform a government that is corrupt, that, that didn't open it's books, that we didn't, had no contracts were for Blacks, that people were not cut in fairly and, and it wasn't only Blacks it was people in the city, poor Whites, Blacks, or, there was a, a group that, that, that was, got all the contracts in this city and, and kept it where they wanted to keep it. There was the school issue that, ah, decided on no permissive transfers and all of that and we wanted a, a, a mayor that was fair, for good government, and that included everything that was good government. And it was a lot of those kinds of things that was laid down, ah, that we had been protesting against and then when we took that platform to, to Harold Washington and we said, this is what we want. And we have decided on you to look at you as being the person to carry it out. He knew very well what he was getting into.


That's it.