Interview with Nancy Jefferson

Now, you told me a story about how you went to the State Legislator around public assistance cutbacks and there's a story associated with that.


Yes, you know the public, the public aid, ah, department of course is run by the state, you know, ah, mostly and, ah, the public, all things began to move together, you know, with the, with the evil cabal, with Jane Byrne, with the change, ah, the public aid, the public aid people got a severe cutback in public assistance. Ah, we took a group to public aid, to Springfield, to the legislators about the public aid cutback. And, so we were told by the legislator, your people don't vote, you know. And which was the truth. They, these public aid people were not voting and we just came back and took that as, as a lead to organize public aid recipients to vote** and we went to the Board of Election to set up, ah, ah, voters registration in public aid offices, ah, and that's where we got the balance of power of, of people, ah, 'cause they were the voters and that changed things with us, it changed things a lot.