Interview with Richard Jensen

Could you tell me about the first day, the day you said the police won and then the second day.?


Yeah, we had two different, ah, there were demonstrations at the draft board, ah, opposing the war in Vietnam. And, and, ah, the first day of these riots were, were very well prepared. The police were, we knew exactly what we were going to do. We knew which way we were going to move the crowd. We knew what areas we were to keep clear. You know, we were very well run and organized and, ah, when we confronted the demonstrators, ah, we soon moved the demonstrators out and cleared a path for the people coming into the draft board and, ah. There was just no problems in Oakland that day especially for the police. You know, there was a well run unit and we didn't have any problems. The, ah, the, the, crowd was disorganized and didn't know what to do and they finally left. The police, had a lot of police and they were well, we knew what we were doing that day.