Interview with Richard Jensen

Again, was police brutality a major concern of the police hierarchy in Oakland? And when there were complaints, how was it dealt with?


Well police brutality was read in the headlines. The administration was very concerned about police brutality and when a complaint was lodged against an officer, ah, they took statements and investigated the claim thoroughly like they do a crime. And, ah, in those days a policeman, we were required to take lie detector tests you know. But since then, that's been ruled invalid, illegal. But in those days you were on the hot seat and if you did something wrong it was thoroughly investigated and like I say if they couldn't get to the bottom of it you were put on a lie detector test. You went over to San Francisco, have a FBI man administer your lie detector. I know many of my friend, ah, three or four people that, ah, got fired for brutality and, ah, ah, several of them forced to resign over it. They investigated it, ah, like a crime.