Interview with Richard Jensen

The question is, were you ever afraid?


Well, when you first get to be a policeman and you're working at night out there by yourself. Yes, you're afraid, right away, but, ah, as soon as you jump in the water then you find out that the water is OK at night and ah, and ah, then being a policeman you get used to it. Sure, you're afraid. But later on, you're not afraid. And ah, ah, you're around so many, so many men that, ah, that had been through different wars. I worked with veterans of the Second World War and the, and the Korean War. You know, you're surrounded by brave men and, and, and before long you're a brave man, you know. Give me some men that were brave, stout-hearted men, soon give you ten thousand more. And it, you know, just, you're strong because they're strong.