Interview with Richard Jensen

Were you afraid of the Panthers?


No, no, no, no. No, I wasn't afraid of them, no. That didn't bother me, that kind of stuff. You know I knew another officer that got shot by Huey Newton. John Frey wasn't the only one. Cliff Haines, ah, we had another officer and he reacted a bit differently than I did about it. He got, ah, he was, he was, ah, ah, I don't know. He just didn't take it the same, didn't take in stride, ah, ah, thought about it too much, you know. I, I, it didn't bother me. I didn't think about it. They weren't after me in particular. They just, ah, they were just after policemen. I happened to be there, that's all. That's what happened. No, no, no fear. None of that kind of stuff. You get over that right away. And no hostility either, I wasn't really mad at them or anything. I, I, just couldn't believe that they happened to shoot me, that's all.