Interview with Albert Johnson

So, you were telling, like, you'd be out side playing ball with your buddies and your parents be inside talking politics and you go in and tell me about that.


Well my mother and father, sisters and brothers, they be inside and, ah, the news media cover, ah, Harold Washington on television, going out and campaigning at the time and stuff in different environments and communities. And I sit there and watch and, you know, they be discussing, you know it'll be our first Black mayor and that's going to be our mayor, there, Harold Washington, stuff like that. And I just there and observe and listen. And I say, ah, to my mother, "Ma, I was out helping, ah, some of the peoples out there, putting up signs and posters and stuff like that." She said, "Yeah." And I says, "Yeah, no more continuing on until you win," stuff like that, so, you know. I was out, you know, 2 o'clock in the morning putting up signs on light poles and buildings and stuff like that. It was fun, you know, and--