Interview with Arthur Johnson

OK, if you could tell me again about going home and then getting a call.


Um, by Sunday afternoon when I returned to my home, ah, Judge Damian Keith, ah, called me and said, ah, "Arthur, the, ah, people who are really, ah, responsible for all the decisions that are being made as to how we, ah, treat this situation are Whites, and I think that there ought to be some Blacks present who could in some way, ah, offer some assistance and at least be consulted." And he suggested that we go to the police department. And I said, "I think that's a good idea." And so the two of us went. And we were welcomed by the, ah, the, ah, Commissioner of Police, Ray Girardin and the Mayor, Cavanagh; and the, ah, Governor, George Romney. And from that point on we stayed in close touch with them, ah, right up to the point of, ah, being asked our, our, ah, views as to whether we felt the situation was such that federal troops should be called in.