Interview with Arthur Johnson

So what happened on 12th Street?


Well, as I sat in my car, ah, looking at that scene and listening to that scene, ah, terribly aware that John Conyers is desperately trying to get the attention of people to persuade them to return to their homes, ah, I had many thoughts--one that I, I, there, there's a, there's a terrible distance and some difference between me and the people who are, who are doing this. Um, I was seeing something I had never seen before, and that was, ah, citizens, ah, in all other respects normal looking citizens, ah, who, and young people in particular, who pick up trash cans on the street, break, ah, windows of a modest little shop, climb in the window and take whatever they want, cross the street, and nobody's in a position to do anything about it. Ah, there was some laughter at some of this, there was anger being expressed, there was, um, the sound of, of, of sirens, there were, this--