Interview with Deborah Johnson

OK, cut. I want to talk about the raid on the apartment. And I wanted you to tell me what you did the night before. Were you up at--


The night of December the 3rd, did you go to the political education class being held that night? Did you go to the apartment that night? Do you remember what you did?


On the night of December 3rd, 1969, ah, there was a political orientation class held at the People's Church. I didn't attend the class. I was at home that night. And Fred was to come home after the class was over. And we were to go out to his mother's house. Of course, the class went on and on, and then, ah, some of the people ended up going back to the office. At this time I was still at home, waiting on Fred, and I would talk to him at different times, and he kept telling me, "I'll be there in a few minutes, I'll be there in a few minutes," which I know could go on forever. Um, and the last time he called me, I said, ah, "Fred we have to go out to your mother's house." And he said, "OK, I'm coming." Um, prior to that, I had, um, went over to a friend's house. Fred was going to meet me there, pick me up at my friend's house, and we would go out to his mother's for dinner. Ah, when I talked to him the last time, he said, "Well, it's so late, do you really want to go? If we spend the night out there, we can't sleep together." And I said, "Oh, definitely not, we cannot go." So, um, Fred had someone come and pick me up from my friend's house and bring me back. Um, William O'Neal, who was the police informant, either dropped me at the friend's house or picked me up from there to bring me back home. Um, I came back home, and was home for a little while. Then Fred eventually came and so I played like I was mad because we didn't go to his mother's house, and he made an issue, "Well, we can still--" I said, "No, that's OK, we'll stay here." So we went, um, I went back to our bedroom. And, ah, Fred came back there, um, after talking to some people for a while that were in the apartment.