Interview with Deborah Johnson

Who was in the apartment at that point?


Um, at the time that I went back to the back bedroom, ah, Harold Bell was there, Louis Truelock was there, ah, one of, another brother was there, I think he was from Rockford, I don't, don't really remember. But other than Harold Bell from Rockford, it was another brother there, and, um, some other people that had went to the political education class had stopped by the house. Or either had brought home Fred, Fred home. I think I remember seeing Ronald Satchel there. Um, Fred was talking and I'm like really tired and he says, "OK, you go to the back, I'll be back to the room soon." I go back to the room, and I go to sleep, lie down for a few minutes and then Fred comes back. And we talk a little bit. And, ah, then we call his mother to tell her that we're not coming, it's so late. And then we talked to her sister also on the phone. Um, Fred at that time fell asleep in the middle of the conversation with his mother and I couldn't wake him up. Um, I talked to them, told them goodbye, and hung up the phone.