Interview with Deborah Johnson

Did you try to wake Fred at this point?


I didn't try to wake Fred. I, all I could think about was covering him. And he wasn't waking. I saw the person, I don't remember who that was, but I saw the person shaking Fred. His arms were like folded, and he was like, like this, shaking him. "Chairman, Chairman, wake up." And he, he wasn't responding at all. And, um, I, I don't, don't know what I was thinking, but I was like, moved over to cover him, and then he still didn't move. And I slid over to his right side, and I think at that point he lifted his head, kind of, he was like this, lifted his head up, and looked up towards the door. But he didn't move his body at all. And then he just laid his head back down like this. At that point I don't know if Fred was shot or anything, I don't remember whether or not there was any blood on me or my clothing. I just remember him lifting his head up and looking out of the door entrance way. The other person that was--Fred at no time ever got out of the bed, or, or made any other movement, other than to move his head up--the person that was in the room with us, they kept shouting out, "Stop shooting, stop shooting, we have a pregnant woman, pregnant sister in here!" The shooting would stop for a second, and then it would start back up. Eventually they stopped shooting and--because the person kept screaming, "We're coming out with our hands up. Stop shooting!" And, I remember crossing over Fred. At this point, I had moved over towards the wall, which the bed was pushed against the wall in the room. I crossed over Fred, but I didn't really look at him. I think I was afraid to.