Interview with Deborah Johnson

Now the police took you into the kitchen, or you went into the kitchen, and while you were in the kitchen, what did you hear?


When I was in the kitchen, I heard a voice, an unfamiliar voice say, "he's barely alive, he'll barely make it." Then the shooting started back again, then I heard the same unfamiliar voice say, "he's good and dead now." And I knew in my mind, they were, I assume they were talking about Fred. And I knew when I left out of there, I couldn’t look towards the room.** And I kept trying to remember over and over in my head the badge numbers that I had looked at as I came out of the room, through the two lines of policemen that were at the entranceway, and trying to remember details of facial features that I had seen in these police officers, so that I wouldn't forget, you know, later on, so I could tell somebody what happened.