Interview with Deborah Johnson

Now how did you first actually meet Fred?


When he came over, when Fred came over, um, to Wright City College, it was the first time that I actually met him. I knew from seeing him on TV that I would meet him, though. I knew, too, that I would have a baby--his baby. He came, Fred Hampton came over to Wright City College to speak, ah, to a group of students. I think it was sponsored by the Afro-American Student Union, or Black Student Union. I forgot what it was called at that time. And, um, they came over, and I tried to get some friends to go and listen to them because I didn't want to go by myself. But, ah, some of them didn't want to go. So I went in and I sat down in the front, and I heard them, I heard Fred speak. Afterwards I introduced myself to him.