Interview with Deborah Johnson

When you, when you saw him on television, what do you remember about seeing him on television? What show was he on?


Ronnie, Fred Hampton and, um, Bobby Rush and Iris Chin[SIC], they were on, ah, Ronnie Barrett's Chicago Show. And what really impressed me, in addition to the conversation they were having, talking about the party's program, how the Black Panther Party got started. Um, Ronnie Barrett seemed to be trying to cut to Fred off and lead him in a certain direction with the conversation. And Fred just took over, and he was determined that he was going to get his point across in terms of the programs that the party was involved in. And, ah, Ronnie Barrett said, "Well, we'll break and we'll be back with somebody else." They broke, and of course Fred wasn't through talking, so there Fred was after the break, still talking about the Black Panther Party. And I said, "Wow, these are some bad brothers and sisters, and I want to be a part of that."