Interview with Curtis Jones


Curtis Jones:

Yeah, yes I went to, uh, Mr. Ware house, he was the, what you call the sharecropper, uh, sharecropper or owner, he was the same man that, uh, my father worked for when he first got married, you know. So I went down and knock on the front door, and, uh, I told him I want to make a telephone call to the sheriff. So he told me, he said, "O.K., uh, you can make the telephone call, but use the back way, come through the back way," you know. So I went through the So I went through the back way, so he showed me where the phone was, so I called my mother and told her that during the night, a group of mens had came into the house and took Bo, you know. And we didn't know at the time that he was dead or alive, you know. So, in turn she'd notify his mother, you know. And then I called the sheriff and I went back to the house, we sat there with my grandfather. My grandfather had took my grandmother round bout fifty miles away to her brother house, cause my grandmother was scared to death, cause that night, she got hit side the head with a shotgun. She was trying to protect Bo, you know, from the mens and they told her get back in bed, and now her pleading and stuff, uh, getting out of bed again, one of the guys struck her with a shotgun side the head. So after he took him, she was scared to death, you know, so she got my grandfather to take her to her brother house, uh, I can't think of the name of that town. And, she never did come back to the house anymore, you know, he was, until they, when she seen my grandfather again, it was in Chicago, round about, I guess two months later.