Interview with Curtis Jones


Curtis Jones:

Yeah, Mamie at the time was a schoolteacher, and Emmett was her only son, you know. So when they got in touch with her she, uh, used every clout, connection she had to, uh, get Emmett back to Chicago so he can have a decent burial. ‘Cause the authority in, uh, Money, wanted to bury him right there, the same day he came out that river. They, they didn't even want him to go to Greenwood, which was only ten miles away, they was determined to bed him, bury him right there in Money. Uh, but Mamie, uh, through her determination, I guess her strong will she made connection down there and got him back. And after she got him back she made tours just about half of the United States making speech and demonstrating and telling, uh, half o, half of the world what they did to her son. Her and my grandfather, you know, with the uh, [ double-ACP, ] you know.