Interview with Curtis Jones


Curtis Jones:

I felt threatened that Monday night. Like I was saying, I had a cousin who was in, he was a Sergeant in the Air Force so he took me home to Greenwood. Greenwood was around about 10 miles away to have dinner with him. So, when he brought me back to the house, I seen the house all lit up. Uh, so he just pulled up in the driveway and said, "O.K., I'll see ya." I said, "O.K.." I go in the house, there's not a soul in the house. It was an empty house. And, I laid there all night, the first time I was stayed awake all night there. Then I got so afraid, that I got underneath the bed. And I remember that rooster, seemed like he crowed, he must have crowed 10 or 15 times during the course of that night. I remember at school they used to tell us that when the rooster crowed, soon it will be daybreak, you know. So I used to, I raised up, peep out the window. It was still pitch dark out there, you know. So I stayed to take out light and then I went to the people house next door, you know. And what had happened, my grandfather had gotten afraid and slept in his car in back of the church you know.