Interview with Donie Jones


Donie Jones:

Uh, one time. Uh, I got on the bus one morning and was going to work, and ah, the man told me I was sitting from the back where I was sitting in the second seat from the back door towards the front. And there was a white man sitting over opposite me. Almost on the, you know, just like these benches here, but he was sitting over on that side and I was sitting over on this side. And uh, the bus driver told me to get up and get in the back. I didn't say nothing when he first said it. Uh, some of the colored girls say, "Did you hear what he said to you?" "I ain't studying him." That's what I said. And he said, "I say, get up and get in the back." I say, "I ain't going nowhere." I said, "Now you make me get up and get in the back." "I get the police when I get round the corner, make them put you off." I said, "You do just that." And uh, he said, "Don't say no more to me, or I come back there and, and put you off myself." I said, "Come on back here." I said, "Come on." He looked at me so hard you know. I said, uh, "Hobo your way back here, and I'll pay you back, pay your way back." He didn't get up. He didn't say a word else to me from there to Maxell Field. And that evening when I got on the bus he was… he was still on the bus. He knowed me, because he looked at me so hard that morning you know, when he was talking to me. He knowed me. Wouldn't even give me change when I got off the bus. I didn't say nothing but just went on back from over him, and stood back there until somebody got on the bus that would change my dollar. Oh, it's been rough here.