Interview with Senator Roxanne Jones

What did they accomplish, what did they do?


Well I think they first of all they made the statement that we ought to be recognized, ought to be respected. That was number one, we ought to be respected, we are mothers. These are the, we have the same sons that when they get 18 years old, you take 'em, train 'em, and make 'em be anything you want 'em to be. So we're saying now while they babies, give them what they need, give us what we need to make them strong so they can eat right, they can get the right education. We made a statement in saying that we're going to fight for what we believe is rightfully ours, and we did just that. And it was one of the greatest movements ever been in this country. And proof of it is that I'm sitting here now as the first Black woman ever in the state of Pennsylvania, the first Black woman, I sit in the Pennsylvania Senate telling that same story. The movement has continued with me right here.