Interview with Senator Roxanne Jones

Did people have to make, did they have to jump across a barrier in the way they saw themselves to be able to be active in this kind of movement?


No, because as I said earlier, you know, when you're affected by something, and someone comes along and say, "Hey, I might not have the whole solution, but if you join in with us, we can all fight together to accomplish this goal." And this's the type person George Wiley was. As he traveled across this country and I traveled a lot with him and, and he sent me a lot of places, and the fact of it was this was a man that just talking to him you immediately want to get involved. If you was one of them mothers that sat around all day looking at Search for Tomorrow, those daytime stories, after a conversation with Dr. Wiley, you would forget that television and you'd go right and join and get involved. And I followed his philosophy and that's why the movement was so great in Philadelphia.