Interview with Senator Roxanne Jones

What was more--


I think it was that Dr. King was the issue during that time, integration was the thing during that time. And I think, ah, it was people within the government and the media that didn't want to really bring out this whole inadequacy of the way they were treating, you know, people on welfare. Because they took us as being nothing. "Who are you? You, you asking for a handout. We giving you this little check, ain't you satisfied? I mean who do you think you are asking for something? I mean you ought to be glad you're getting this little check, no matter what it is." This was the attitude of the government 'cross this country. And that's why I loved Dr. Wiley because we exposed, he taught us how to expose the government for not doing what they was supposed to do, take care of us adequately. You're not going to have it both ways. You either going to up the ante or you're going to give us job training and jobs so we can live and take care of ourselves.