Interview with Senator Roxanne Jones

What happened?


A lot of accomplishments has happened in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania when, when we did the thing here and, and, and Harrisburg, ah, old people were not cut off welfare, OK. When we went down to Washington and took over Nixon's office, we were again telling him that your Family Assistance Plan is not going to work and we're not going to hear it and it gave us access to the press. "When you down here you done took over Nixon's office, what you got to say, why you doing this?" Well then, hey I got the microphone, then I'm able to say, "Look we're not going to live in $2400 a year. His dogs live off of 27, their budget is 2700, and he wants four human beings to live on 24. This is why we took over this office. We want to address our government." And these are things like we would do to get attention to bring the issues, not personal attention on Roxanne Jones, but attention to the welfare struggle, the fight here is what we're talking about, the right to work, the right to have jobs. It all tied in.


That's great. Thank you very much.