Interview with Senator Roxanne Jones

Let's cut for one second. I want to pursue that--


What sorts of things was the Welfare Rights Organization in Philadelphia doing in '66 and '67?


Well one of the first thing, ah, President Hazel Leslie, they, they wanted to show the deficiency in the diet, so they went to sell blood. And, ah, it was only one I think of those ladies whose blood was apropos. So what happened, ah, they were showing the inadequate welfare grant, that's what they did just before I joined, got involved. Immediately when we organized, my group was called the South Front-Reed Group. One of the first things we did, we had one of the young ladies come in, young mothers came in and she had went to the Salvation Army to get help. And they had denied her help. And I just could not believe this and nor could any of the other members, so we immediately, ah, agreed to go to the Salvation Army the next day.