Interview with Karima Jordon

Great. Wonderful. Could you talk about the day you, Martin Luther King died and how you heard about and then what happened in school?


What happened when Martin Luther King died was, ah, pretty devastating to us. I knew the moment I got into school, something was going to happen. And I think, right after home room period, was when all hell broke loose and, ah, we just throw chairs around, wrote on the walls, "Avenge King", "Kill Whitey" and they, ah, a big assembly was called and I do remember Roy Innes being there, Les Campbell, I'm not sure but Rhody McCoy was there. It was a lot of, like, we all gathered in the, ah, assembly and of course everybody is, is devastated from the news and, ah, we were told not to riot. Ah, we were told if we were going to riot not to steal toothpaste because toothpaste don't stop bullets. And that's what I remember from that.