Interview with Karima Jordon

OK. Could you tell me about some of the activities that you and Cia did in the school? I want you to tell the bulletin board story again.


OK. Cia and I had a very unique situation. We were two students who had access to the school when all of the students could not have that access. Ah, we, we, ah, we, one of the things we did was we, ah, put up a bulletin board. Ah, the bulletin board had, was a collage of different poetries, different clippings from the Black Panther Party. We had a picture of a Black Uncle Sam that says, "The Black Liberation Army Wants You." We had, ah, a little clipping from the Black Panther Party, Party paper that said, "Guns, Baby, Guns" and something by H. Rap Brown. It was just collage of poetry and art and things of that sort. That, out of everything that was on that bulletin board, the "Guns, Baby, Guns" is the part that made the newspaper and they didn't, they wanted us to take that down. We took it down because if we didn't take that down the whole, ah, bulletin board would have to be dismantled. But we did things like that. We had access and no one questioned our access. We kind of ran the school.