Interview with Karima Jordon

OK, wonderful. Once again could you just tell the Afro story again. Just start, when did you first decide that you wanted to wear your hair in an Afro?


Well, we had a, ah, a party, a Halloween party and I had bought some African material, well it wasn't really African material, it was just some material. I was going to wrap it up and I needed to have my hair in an Afro and my mother would not let me wear an Afro, absolutely not. So I decided that the only way I can wear an Afro is if my hair was shorter. So I took the straightening comb and fired it up till it was real red. And I just burnt all the hair around to about ear length and washed it and I had instant Afro except that it was not really well kept at all but it was my first Afro and I wore it with pride. And my aunt, who is a little hipper than my mother, and her beautician really saw and felt sorry for me and cut it down to a real nice Afro. But my mother today still has not forgiven me for, you know, burning out my hair. But I still wear my Afro with pride.