Interview with Eleanor Josaitis

But I got a sense talking to you yesterday it was more than that, it was the sense that it was getting bigger and the next step was going to be Taylor and it was going to be taking over Taylor.


When it went on, and it didn't stop that first Sunday and it wasn't over right away and the troops started to come in and there was more and more conversation, then there became a fear in the community that it was going to spread, and it was going to come out, and Taylor was going to be the next place that would be, ah, riot, ah, rioting would take place, or Dearborn, or someplace else, so the talk in the neighborhood was: "We have to stock our basement with food. That's the first thing we have to do; we must go over to Dearborn and take pistol practice lessons; when do we want to sign up for the vigilante? When do you want to go and stand at the overpass on Telegraph Road and wait for all the Black folks to come out from the city and riot in our community?" And there was so much fear that that was going to take place that there seemed to me to be a sense of, of almost, ah, fear and hopelessness, that it was going to come so we'd better be prepared for it** And that's certainly what I was experiencing. And again, the, the negative comments about people and the name callings and, ah, animal was the, was the favorite term. Uh--