Interview with Eleanor Josaitis

OK, cut. OK, I want to ask you--


So what was your response to what was happening?


My response to what I was seeing on television and what I was reading in the newspaper was not one of fear. It was one of, "How can I be part of this? What can I do? How can I demonstrate that this is wrong and that I want to be part of the change?" So immediately I was asking myself, "What can I do?" And joining again with Father Cunningham, my friend and, and Pastor of my church, and saying, "What can we do together?" But I, the frustration was, "How do we bring some sort of sense and some sort of calm to this? How can I get my neighbors and my family and my White friends to understand the, the, the anger and the fear and the frustration of Black people who are saying to all of us, 'Look, America, I'm holding up a mirror, look at it, see my pain, see my frustration?'" And my desire was just to say, "Can't we come together, can't we figure out how to understand one another because we, we seem to be so different?"