Interview with Eleanor Josaitis


The following summer, after the '67 riot, people thought that Black people were going to riot again and what they were fearful of is that they were going to come from the city, move out into the suburbs and we'd have a repeat of what we had. So everyone was calling it "the hot summer," And they, the talk in the suburbs was "Buy a gun, stock your basement, and when did you want to join the vigilante group?" The vigilante groups were dividing themselves up so that they would take their turns standing at the overpass, on the telegraph road for example and watching for when all the Black folks were going to be coming across the borderline. So gun buying increased, it was not unusual to be asked if you wanted to go over to Dearborn--which was a suburb--and take pistol practice lessons and be part of this movement that was going to stop the folks that were coming out of the city.