Interview with Eleanor Josaitis

So could you tell me a little bit about where you were living in the mid `60s?


In the mid `60s I was living in a community about 20 miles from Detroit called Taylor, Michigan--it's four miles from Metropolitan Airport. And it was a young community, White, it was,, ah, three bedroom brick homes, ranch homes, with, with, ah, family rooms and we moved out there because,, ah, my husband had just gotten out of the service and we could get a GI mortgage on this home, so that's where we were living. And, ah, I was a mother and a housewife and raising five children and very happy with my life, very happy with my involvement in the community. I had a lot of friends, I had a lot of neighbors that I loved and we were raising our children together and, and, ah, things seemed to be what you would expect of your life, you know, was happy, my husband had a good job.