Interview with Eleanor Josaitis

What was your sense living out there? How did your neighbors see the people in the city? There were, there was a lot of moving out of the city, especially among White people.


There was a lot of movement out of the city at that time because express ways were being built, because new homes were being built, because large numbers of new homes were being built in the suburban communities at that time, and because of the number of people that were coming back from the service. That's where you could go to get, get a home, and get a starter home. But my husband and I both grew up in the city, we lived across the street from one another for 16 years so the city was very much a part of, of who we were and what our life was like. But the, the 60s and the struggle with the Civil Rights Movement was very, very disturbing and you could not sit in your living room and watch television and not be very much aware of what was happening in the world around us.