Interview with Eleanor Josaitis

Tell me about the moment when you decided, you tell me about this moment that really changed you.


I had a, a moment happening in my life that I hope I never forget, and what's called a significant emotional event. I was sitting in my living room watching television and watching the Nuremberg trial and being taken up and caught up with the emotion of that trial, and having the television series interrupted long enough to show me the Selma, Alabama march--when they, when the cameras took me into that march, and showed the police horses riding through the crowds with the cattle pr- prodders, knocking people over, and listening to people scream, and seeing people fall, and seeing the troops come through. And I remember sitting there what seemed to be hours saying to myself, "What is the difference between Nazi Germany and the United States of America? What would I have done if I'd lived in Germany? Would I have tried to stop it in any way? Would I have been involved? Or would I have turned my head?" And then asking myself, "What am I doing now? Am I doing all that I should do? Should I be doing more? What should I be doing and what can I do?"