Interview with Clyde Killens

Taking you back to 1980. McDuffie has been killed. How did the community react to McDuffie's killing?


Well, they thought it was unjust the way they did and they, ah, they, ah, you know, you don't need to go over the things that they were doing but that's the young people's style, of, ah, breaking in, looting. They use that. They do it during the storm. When we have a storm here. They take a brick and throw in the window and they figure the, the storm did that and then they going in, you see, instead of them going in to try and save they life, they get out there where the storm is at. OK, out there with the wind blowing they'd be out there with the, in the streets, to go in places and do most of their kind of thing. So, it's nothing for them to act up because they use that. And the only way to prevent that you got to be prepared for that. Well it depends on what had happened. Now, this last incident happened here with, ah--


We're only in the period between 1980-1982.