Interview with Clyde Killens

Clyde, take me back to a time when Overtown was in its heyday and this was pretty much all that Black people had during the time of segregation. They said it was exciting. What was it like?


Well, it was in- we s- we started in the fifties. We can start there when they started piling into Miami, but, ah, Black businessmen and the sport, athletes and things because of the hotel they built here. It was, ah, the Sir John, first it was the Lord Calvert and something happened between the owner and, and the politicians and they changed it to the Sir John because he got in a little trouble, and, ah, in fact he had, he was with the liquor, Sir, ah, Calvert's Liquor. And the doctor told him to, ah, rest up, get out of the business, Ben, you had enough, and all like that. So he got out but he went into a banking business which he wasn't a banker.