Interview with Clyde Killens

Of all the famous people you met, who made the most impression upon you?


I like Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was interested in what going on in your city. He didn't care much talking about baseball. He wanted to know what goes on in your city. And he wanted to know, could he got to another, any other theatre he could go besides the one we had, which was the Rix Theatre. And I happen to know where he could go, one place, other than the Rix Theatre, but it was a drive-in and it was out on U.S. 1 and I took him down there where he'd know how to get there and every time he'd come into Miami, he'd stay at the Mary Elizabeth, he would go down to the drive-in, take his family, his two kids and his wife, Rachel, I know her, and they would go down there. And when I would see Jackie, he would come to the club, we'd sit down, we'd talk. He'd just sit and look and if I get time for him to go in and his conversation was very interesting. In fact he'd, he'd ask you some interesting questions because he wanted to know about the city and so I found him to be very attractive to me.