Interview with Clyde Killens

What happened to your town?


Well, they tore down the middle of it with the expressway, that was the beginning of it. Because the Classic used to be here and they used to parade down Second Avenue during the Classic, cutting off, cutting off they went to Liberty City. That hurt. It killed, in other words, the Classic started going down from that there time on when they moved to Liberty City and then there different places started dropping out because of the integration. They integrated and then they, ah, asked[SIC] and it was on the beach, it was coming to the Sir John and Elizabeth. They bought, they had him sign a contract, the contract with room and board, you see, so that slowed them down from coming over here. And the hotel, then wind up with the home people, and you know how that is. That lowers your rent. And you might get paid and you might not. And things started going down hill. But before that it was very attractive. I don't know what to say what was more attractive in Miami because they was opening up hotels like the Persian in Chicago, they open and the Gotham in Detroit and around, but all that's gone now. All them hotels are gone out of business. And, ah, Mimi was still up for quite a while.