Interview with Clyde Killens

Why? Why are young people more violent?


Well, I hate to say it, but it's because the treatment, the justice we have now. We don't have 100 percent justice, we have justice now. You cannot beat a negro over the head now and get away with it like you could years ago. They would have killed you years ago and wouldn't be no trial. And now, they ain't, incidents happen here and they wind up suing, getting 800 and a million dollars for a kid and you know and what not but before they kill you and there was no trial. It would hardly hit the papers. And especially if you had a gun anywhere near you, you see. And now you can say what you want to the police. He can't say nothing but talk back, he can't beat you up. But before, and I know, you took something and they said you took it and you say you didn't. They take you down to the station house, you would tell them you took something if you didn't or they would call up a foreman come in the room and beat you until you couldn't walk and when they came, when, and, and, and nothing would be done about it. You couldn't go nowhere. You couldn't go to newspaper. Newspaper wasn't get in it.


Let's stop.