Interview with Coretta Scott King

--I seem to recall hearing about you and Yolanda looking out the window. What did you see in your own neighborhood as you looked out the window that night?


Ah, some window, window panes in a store I think were shattered. There was some shooting into a, a store, and, ah, the children saw that, and, and of course, ah, that was when it first started. Then later, ah, we looked out the kitchen window which was in the back part of the house and we saw, ah, people looting the grocery store. It was the strangest feeling to see people going into a store and picking up all the groceries, putting them in baskets and you knew they were stealing it out and, ah, of course we watched this for a while and all of a sudden we could hear someone said, "Police! Police!" They said it loud enough so we could hear and everyone sort of disappeared into the alley and, ah, ah, well the police came but everybody was gone. I don't think they caught anybody. But this was the way it usually happened, ah, and this store was so close to our apartment we could have almost thrown a rock into it from our window.