Interview with Dewey Knight

Why were the riots that happened so violent?


The riots were violent I think because there was number one, a very strong feeling that it was a contrived misjustice[SIC], that people didn't really do their best to try to convict these people. And that this was an attack on all of us. There also, ah, ah, some speculated, might have been some, ah, planned and organized activity, ah, related to the reaction. You had the, the normal things that you have of breaking in stores, but you also had some very powerful destructive, ah, devices being used which, ah, no one has really explained to this point to my satisfaction. So that the, the reaction was one of great, great anger and dissatisfaction about the McDuffie decision and, ah, it was also some feel a, a, an opportunity for some planned, ah, ah, destructive activity.