Interview with Bernard Lafayette


During the march at Marquette Park, it was the first time we actually marched on a protest demonstration as opposed to a sympathy march that many people have had in the South. This time they were marching specifically on the realtor's office. And we identified them as actually participating in discriminatory practices. So there was a great deal of excitement. There were large numbers of people from the urban communities as well as suburban communities. We had a lot of Whites. One thing was kind of funny I saw, you know we had one White couple drove up in a chauffeur driven limousine, you know, and all dressed up and everything. They were on there way to some cocktail party no doubt but they wanted to be part of this demonstration. So we had all kinds of people, ah, participating. And, but when the violence took place, when they tried to return to their cars, they found that the cars were overturned, and, ah, some of them, they, they, they tried to break out all the windows and that sort of business, et cetera. The mob decided that they could not attack the demonstrators so they attacked the cars.