Interview with Bernard Lafayette


One of the reason why we accepted the accord because we felt that the time had come for us to try to do some serious negotiations. We had had the demonstrations. We had dramatized the issues and we had to then try to consolidate the gains that had been made as a result. And although the movement's responsibility is not to solve the problems, the movement is like a catalyst. We take the take the natural ingredients there and to dramatize them to such an extent that people realize the urgency of doing something about the problems cause the problems are already there. So, we felt that we had completed that job in bringing the situation to that point of negotiations. Besides it was cold in Chicago and it was time to go back home to the South and so we wanted to, ah, at least try to put something together that could make a difference. And, those accords, many times people had feeling about it and wondered whether or not, you know, we were able to get as much out of the situation. But I think obviously we set things in the right direction.