Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

Now, when you were aboard this ship, what did you two guys, what, what, what kind of jobs did you have and what kind of a marine was Art McDuffie?


Well, Art was a, was, was a hell of a marine. He was truly a reflection, when you see that commercial about, you know, about this guy and the uniform, and, and, and carving out something that really, that's, that was Art. Art was really the kind of person that took a r- lot of pride in how he looked in that, in that Marine Corps uniform.** A true representative of, of, of what the Marine Corps stands for in terms of, in terms of that kind of pride and, and, and, um, you know, we were, for a while, that he was a, what, what we called a captain's orderly. And that means he was assigned to the commander of the ship as his, you know, some people call it the body guard or whatever, but he was there to, um, um, to deal with the, the captain. And he was assigned that particular task, you know, basically our duties aboard ships anyway was to run the brig and to be security for, for the ship and, and what have you, and--


OK, let's stop down now. Good.