Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

Tell me, ah, the story about how, ah, Arthur was gigged once and was hurt by that.


Well, Art, um, we were standing inspection, of course we stand, stood inspection every day, and, and Art got gigged by the, ah, the sergeant who was inspecting us for a cable and, you know, it's like if you got a string hanging somewhere, that's what that's equivalent to, but he, he was so meticulous, you know, he, it bothered him because he took so much pride, you know, here's a guy who would sit and, and make sure his uniform was ready for the next day and put it out and sit and shine his shoes and shine up his brass and do all those kind of things, but, I mean, it really upset him, I mean, he was so hurt by it, and, um, to the point where, where he actually confronted the sergeant, not in a combative way, but say, "Gee whiz, you know, you know, one little, one little string you're going to gig me about?" But, but that was, that was Art, he felt strongly about it.