Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

Did he ever talk to you about service, patriotism, why he was in the Marine Corps, you know, what kind of--?


Well, you know, we talked about, about staying in, and, um, the fact that he felt good about doing what he was doing, and I think we both did, um, felt very good about, you know, felt, serving our country as we, as we saw there was a need to do it. And I think we also felt, and I, I, I know we talked about it, in terms of character building, you know, we felt that we were better having been in the Marine Corps than, than we would have if we had not gone in. And we both discussed staying in, we were both approached about re-upping, and, you know, we, we, I think we both decided, "No, eh, you know, we don't want to re-up but, but we really feel good about having, having served this time."