Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

So now you lose track of him again because he leaves the service, right?


Right. Actually, actually what happened was we went to, ah, I went down to, to Guantanamo Bay, and we, I think that was when we split up, when I went down to Guantanamo Bay because I believe he stayed in, in Virginia for a while instructing at one of the, one of the, ah, schools up there, and I lost track of him. Didn't see Art anymore, um, didn't really talk to him anymore, um, for quite a while. Then what happened was, later, I found out that Art was back home, you know, I came, I came to work for, for Metro-Dade on the police department, and, um, I ran into Art one day. And I said, "Geez," you know, you know, you know, "first of all, I miss him out of school, then I see him again in service, then I miss him for a while and then here, here he was." And at that point, you know, Art was saying, you know, "Well, I'm, I'm trying to get, um, get things squared away," you know, he, he was working then at a, as an insurance agent and doing some things, so he was developing his family and everything.


OK, we got roll out