Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

OK, now, take me to the time, the point where you first learned, that meeting in your office when you first learned that Arthur had--


Yeah, well, I, at, I was in the public information office. I had, you know, gone through several assignments and at that point I was assigned to the, the public information office for the police department. And we were having a discussion relative to an incident that had occurred and a, where a Black motorcycle had been, been chased and subsequently allegedly beating, beaten to death or whatever by some of our o- police officers. I, the young lady who was handling the case from the internal review section, I asked her, I said, well, you know, "Who is this person that you're talking about?" You know, because I hadn't really heard anything about it. And she told me the name. And, um, I sort of just sit there. Um, because I thought, "Well, maybe it's somebody else." And, um, you know, it, it, um, when, when, when I finally realized that, that she was talking about the Arthur McDuffie that I knew, that I had grown up with, um, I just couldn't react to it. Um, and, um, I had to sort of get up and move around a little bit because it, it, it just didn't seem possible. Um, and then the more I found out about it, I guess the more it really bothered me. Um, but it was, it was difficult.