Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

Try to get an idea of the vitality of business life and, um, social life and, um, I need to hear you talk to me, tell me something about, and a story that illustrates a restaurant that you've been into.


Well, I think, a good, a good illustration would be, well, there were several restaurants over there, but, but, I think a good illustration would be, you look at, at how people, at how seriously they took that back in, in the Overtown days. I mean, it was serious business, you know, linen tablecloth on tables, linen napkins, I think about a place where I used to go in, and, I mean, you know, they were deck out, you know, nice little, White linen aprons they used to wear, they used to wear the little, little things on their, you know, sometimes you see them in movies, you know, people, and people don't realize it, actually, Overtown, they had places like that where people did that. They had a restaurant in the, um, in the, in the Sir John that actually had that kind of sit-down dinner, um, and people served, you know, and, and you got good service, you know, you didn't have to wor- you didn't eat out of paper plates, you ate out of china, ah, you didn't use plastic spoons and forks and knives, you used silverware, and it was that kind of thing over there, and, and, and it was, and it was really the kind of, of, of atmosphere that a lot of people miss now because we really don't have that kind of place.