Interview with Lonnie Lawrence

All right, let's go on to school now, you, um, and, ah, you met Arthur McDuffie in, ah, in high school. Do you remember the moment you met him? How you guys became friends?


Well, well Art and I grew up basically a great deal in the same, in the same community, so w- we knew each other, we sort of hung out, and, um, you know, I, I, I can remember in, um, in elementary school, we went to several different schools, you know, one of those things where, where we went to Douglass Elementary, Phyllis Wheatley Elementary, and Dunbar Elementary, you know, it's kind of amazing to go to three separate elementary schools, you know, in your, in your lifetime, but we did and, and one of the things that happened at Douglass Elementary was that it was a wooden, a wooden building and they had to do some repairs because we had a big, old hole in the floor, so we had to transfer, half of us went to Phyllis Wheatley, half of us went to Dunbar, and, ah, you know, it just went on and on, and, when, I, I, Art and I, basically, were in school together throughout. He was a year behind me, um, and, um, we basically knew each other throughout school, you know, Art was a band member, played in the band, he was, he was, really, really, ah, really big on that because he, he enjoyed that kind of stuff.